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14 Tips for Good Kindle Cover Design « humblenations

14 Tips for Good Kindle Cover Design «From humblenations.   14 Tips for Good Kindle Cover Design I have been a professional graphic designer for more years than I can now remember and have designed more things than I care to name (but will): T-shirts, CD covers, packaging, Ebay listings, websites, flyers, posters, letterheads, signage … […]

Famous Self-Publishers | How To Self Publish and Sell Your Books

Though it took technology to spread it to the masses, self-publishing has a long in 1797 Austen tried to self publishand distinguished history, as this anecdote from Alison Baverstock’s book The Naked Author: A Guide To Self Publishing, illustrates: “In 1797, a manuscript was submitted to a London publisher by the proud father of an […]

How To Title Your Book | Rachelle Gardner

How To Title Your Book By Rachelle Gardner Lately I’ve been coaching several of my clients through the process of coming up with a good title for their book, so I thought I’d share my tips with you. Let’s start by acknowledging a few things. The publisher is usually responsible for the final decision on […]