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    • All I ever wanted to do was write books and be on the radio, so naturally I went to college to study advertising.

      Four years later I find myself doing marketing for a “Chuck E Cheese want-to-be” restaurant chain. I was living in my hometown (Flint, Michigan), working eighteen hours a day, making great money and feeling like I sold my soul to the devil (or in this case, a giant kangaroo that looked exactly like Chuck E. Cheese).

      Fall was in the air and so was change, so I quit my high-paying job to make $90 every two weeks working four hours a day, Monday through Friday on a radio station in Cadillac Michigan.

      Only making $45 a week and only working twenty hours I had to keep busy cheaply. I did the only other thing I ever wanted to do in my whole life and that was to write.

      I wrote romances and detective stories while in high school and sent them to pulpy magazines. After 30 rejection slips, I switched to writing novels and wrote them for only me.

      That is until I met my wife, who read them, loved them, and said let’s share them with the world and make ten million dollars.

      Fast forward to now, I’m still at it years later, still on the radio, still writing, still sharing and still working on those millions.

      I live in the coolest city in Texas, Austin, the home of Willie Nelson, Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock and a serious bunch of hipsters. I play tennis four days a week and work everyday on ways to become a better writer.

      I am married and live with two kids, three fish, a lizard and two white miniature schnauzers named Max and Samsung.

      I have been published on Twitter (Alex_Austin) and my work often appears in Facebook (http://bit.ly/AlexvoxFB).

      You can learn a tiny bit more about me on my always needs an update blog at Alexvox.com. Or to say hello at: Alex@Alexvox.com.