Have a book written—now what?

Get your book Published!A red book with the words Book of Answers, a manual that gives you advice and shares wisdom to help you succeed in life

Have copies to give or sell

(Print on demand for $4-$8 your cost-no minimum order through CreateSpace)

Get it done in days NOT Weeks or Months

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs



Get it done for a few $100’s, NOT several $1000’s.

“I will hold your hand through this pain-free process”

With your Word.doc (or similar text file)

—Formatting for Ebooks – Kindle (.mobi), Apple (ibook) or Nook (.pub), or any computer (.pdf)

—Formatting for Hard Copy (real book, usually 6” x 9”)

BOOKCOVER Creationstacked books with a tablet on top

– use your own photograph/artwork or not

Ready book to sell on world’s number one bookstore

I am a published author myself and have sold nearly 100,000 books, get help and advice from someone who’s been there.

Sample Prices for eBook

Formatting for ebook= $65

Cover Design for eBook= $65

Placing your ebook up for sale= $60

Approximate Costs= $190

Sample Prices for Paperback

Formatting for Paperback = $80

Cover Design for Paperback (includes front and back cover)= $85

Placing your Paperback for sale= $60

Approximate Costs= $225

I can also help you or point you in the right direction for editing, marketing, general advice. The above prices are problem-free, general prices. If your book is extremely long my costs, and your print on demand costs go up as well as special issues or needs.

CALL or TEXT – 512-964-seven-one-seven-two


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