While doing research for my new novel; Ghost Hunter: Saving the Ghost Children, I needed to learn the difference between a ghost and a demon. A couple of things surprised me right off the bat, one is that there is almost no reference to ghosts in religion, whereas, demons are prevalent. My second biggest surprise was #2 on my list, many claim that the reason for this is jealousy.

I didn’t go to any one source for the list so this is a collaboration of the things I found.

1.   Ghosts were people, demons were not.  Ghosts are spirits of humans that have passed away and Demons are angels who fallen from the grace and have been cast out of heaven.

A Dr. Alberto states a difference as this: ghosts are souls who haven’t seen the light and are in need of guidance or they are attached to something material. Demons on the other hand, are low level entities, usually from lower-level worlds. People labeled them demons but they are no different from us, only thing is that they are all lower category of soul… where evil is more prominent.

Another investigator believes that most demons are fallen Angels, she also thinks demons can be former evil humans recruited by other demons in real life or upon death.

I just know if I had one in my house and it was angry I’d rather it be a ghost verses a demon, but that’s just me.

2. Not all ghosts hate the living, but all demons do.  One paranormal investigator says the difference is like night and day.  Ghosts are the energy of beings (people and even animals) that once lived and are often not dangerous. Demons are entities that never lived like us. They have one purpose and that is to make the living suffer. They don’t bargain, make deals or have any sense of mercy. Once one attaches itself to you it is difficult to get rid of and sometimes dangerous.

A ghost is usually looking for a resolution to their situation and wants to move on.  The most evil of all ghosts known as poltergeists are often demonic in nature rather than more human-like.

3. A demon will impersonate a ghost, but a ghost will never impersonate a demon. I guess everyone draws the line somewhere, either that, or they’re afraid to?

4.  A human possession is almost always caused by a demon.

5.  A demon cannot be redeemed.   Like a guy named Brian Speaks that threatened to beat me up my whole freshman year in high school, there’s just no turning this bad apple around.

6.  Demons are more deceitful and dangerous. A demon will often disguise itself as a good spirit, to be allowed entry into a home or heart.

7. Ghosts have shorter lifespans. Ghosts and hauntings seem to stretch only three to five hundred years max, beyond that it seems they’ve lost any connection to today’s world. Now demons, these guys are kept alive through history and tradition, hundreds, even thousands of years old.

I did a lot of personal research on the difference between ghosts and demons because I feature one of each in my latest novel “Ghost Hunter: Saving the Ghost Children”.  “Ghost Hunter” is getting great reviews and for limited time is featured for only 99¢.

Agree or disagree, I would like to hear from you in the comments below and possibly feature information from you in an upcoming paranormal article.

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  1. The Catholic church believes that souls in purgatory can contact the living to request prayers or other pious acts to be offered on their behalf. It also teaches that souls in heaven can contact the living to deliver messages of hope and encouragement. The Church encourages priests to administer last rights even if death has been pronounced if there is hope the soul has not departed from the body. This raises interesting questions regarding crisis apparitions that appear around the time of death.

  2. It is definitely not true, that all demons hate the living. But investigators will always only have to deal with demons, that make you suffer. That’s because a benevolent demon will not cause issues, so there is no need to consultate paranormal investigators. It is that simple 😉
    It is important to leave the anthropocentric comfort zone to see that we are also often cruel or “evil” to the so called lower lifeforms like animals l, especially insects. For example: remember when you were a kid playing with ants, flies or spiders.
    You may have caused some distress even if you did not kill them. Have you been concious about your, let us call it “evil” deeds? I know, a rhetorical question, but imagine some “lower” demons being like little children, who just want to “play” with you.
    But there are also entities or demons, that love to tease, threaten and finally harm us. Here our lifeforce is the key: once being invited and so enlinked to us and our astral body, they start causing massive distress. Step by step you may finally find yourself caught into a spider’s web: the more distress is caused, the more lifeforce will be released, which then will be consumed by the troublemaker.

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