10 Truths About Ghosts


In doing research for my novel “Ghost Hunter: Saving the Ghost Children” I wanted find out what the ground rules were for ghosts. Ghosts, spirits, specter, apparition, revenant, wraith, poltergeist, shade, spook, ethereal being—there are so many words to describe an earthbound spirit and we assign such different meanings to each. For instance, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a graveyard, I would rather encounter a “vision” versus a “banshee”.

I  found that there were some common threads that ran through encounters with ghosts. I culled my list from people who encounter ghosts on a regular basis, i.e. parapsychologists, ghost investigators, psychic investigators. By the way, I’m sure they have their own lists that are much bigger than this one.   Here are the top 10 things you’ll most likely encounter with ghosts.

1.  Ghosts don’t necessarily live in old abandoned houses or graveyards.

A lot are spotted in these places and a lot of that can be attributed to the power of suggestion. This is where we expect the ghosts to be. This put it this way, if you are a ghost is that where you would want to hang out?  To heck with a graveyard, I would just as soon go haunt a mall (and I’m not really fond of malls).

2.  The most likely time to encounter a ghost is right after they die.

3d rendered Illustration. Astral Projection.

Dying is easy, it’s living that’s hard

Not all ghosts make an easy transition between the world of the living and the afterlife.  Ghosts often times don’t believe they’re dead. Plus many times the spirits of the departed are earthbound because their loved ones are grieving them so desperately, and that love, the inability to let go keeps the from moving on.

3.  Animals can sense the dead.

Cats, birds, especially dogs can sense disembodied spirits. I once had a black lab named James and he would occasionally get the “ghosties”.  This usually started with him tracking something in the room  and I would know he was either tracking a bug or ghost.    The tracking at times would turn to agitation and then either crazed barking or yelping and running away with his tail between his legs. You tell me, ghost or scary bug?

4.  Beware of Ouija boards.

These seem to be a dark portal for only letting in the bad spirits that want to haunt you, possess you, rape you or kill you.  But, you ask, what are you going to do with your gold, diamond encrusted planchette? Destroy it, melt it down, eBay, there’s no reason to ever facilitate automatic writing.

5.  There are light spirits and dark spirits.

Portrait of an eyeless female ghoul or zombie

Just like there are good people and bad people in life. They say your personality at 60 years old is your personality at 20 years old times five. Your personality when you’re dead is your personality at 60 years old times 1000.

6.  Ghosts are drawn to high emotion good and bad.

High emotion seems to cause enough vibration to make that cross dimensional jump. If you were to have a visit out of the blue from spirit it can almost always be associated with a highly emotional event in your life ( birth, death, wedding, divorce, tax season).

7.  That thing you see out of the corner of your eye—it’s a ghost.

A spooky female hand protruding from behind a wall

Is this what I just saw?

They always seem to be moving don’t they? Did I just creep you out? I did myself. See it out of the corner you’re right eye = good spirit.  Out of the corner of your left =  evil spirit. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, I just report on what I find.

8. Some small children can see spirits— most grow out of it.

This imaginary friend phenomenon with children—can ghosts explain the majority of it?  My son used to have complete one-sided conversations in his playroom alone. When asked who he was talking to he would always say “the man”, “his friend”.  Then he started calling the man Chuck, and  I said “Chuck”?  And he said that Chuck always disappears right before I come into the room. Children don’t have any preconceived notions, they don’t have a long list of reasons why they can’t see a spirit. I saw a couple of ghost when I was a kid and I’m not just saying that for dramatic effect.

9.  Ghosts have batteries that run dead.

They really don’t have batteries, but it is extremely draining on their energy supply to be seen and heard in the world of the living. They go away somewhere for a while, even the spirits don’t know where they go, but they seem to go away somewhere to recharge their psychic energy. I think when we believe in ghosts or actually want to see ghosts they can bridge into our energy supply and it makes it easier for them to manifest.

10. The ghosts of children gather together for comfort.

Frightened child walking towards the white tunnel

If you see the ghost of a kid you are more likely to see several as opposed to just seeing one. I know if I was a ghost I would seek out other kids for comfort, understanding and fun? Who said ghosts can’t have fun?

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    • Thanks Ann, It’s getting great reviews. It’s a little scary, but it’s also a little funny so that the pressure cooker can release a little steam now and then. I Hope you give Ghost Hunter: Saving the Ghost Children a try.

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