Giving Your Book Away? Are you Nuts?

My latest book “Life After” is free on Amazon today through Friday (10/15-10/17). Go get a copy, I would love to get your feedback.  I think it’s my best book ever. My family saw how hard I worked on it so can you imagine their surprise when I mentioned over dinner that I was going to give it away for free.

LIFE AFTER - Alex Myers

“FOR FREE? Why? How can you make any money giving your hard work away for free?” asked my seventy-five year old Slovak born mother-in-law (think Arnold Schwarzenegger like accent).

“I do have six other books that are not free.”

“Do the sales of those other books go up when this one is free?” she asks.


Unfortunately, that’s the best answer anyone can come up with.  
Screenshot 2014-10-15 21.57.38


These numbers look good, but the numbers from yesterday had me at #2 on the “paid” list not the free list.

I did a good little bit of advertising too to get the privilege of giving away my hard work. Sales have not shown a significant uptick on the other titles yet. At least at the end of my three day giveaway extravaganza I’ll have a better idea what to tell my mother-in-law.

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