Have You Googled You? AKA, Why I Changed My Website Address

It all started when my son’s 5th grade class first Googled themselves and then their parents (I need to find out what class this was). There had to be so much potential for embarrassment there with old Facebook and MySpace postings.  When my son Franke put me in Google almost nothing came up on dear old dad.
But . . .
I have 90,000 Twitter Followers. Sorry, that’s Alex_Austin to Google.
I’ve been on the radio for 30 years on big popular stations with hundred’s of thousands of listeners. Sorry again, that’s Alex O’Neal (stage name) not Alex Myers (real name).
Well, I’ve got this blog that gets some traffic, nope, that Alexvox.com.

What about my writing then? I’ve sold tens of thousands of copies–surely?
Let’s put in my real name Alex Myers in Google and see the results:

There’s a Harvard Professor with my same name that wrote a wonderful book. He ranks high in the Google algorithms.

Luckily though, when you add the word Amazon to my name:




I won’t even get into SEO (search engine optimization) or keeping up with all your social media postings. The bottom line is, people have to be able to find you.  That’s why I’m working so hard to sync up all my footprints. That’s why even though you might have typed in Alexvox.com it brought you here to AlexEmyers.com (domain name alias).

I am using my middle initial and will in the future to avoid confusion. And besides, someone has been sitting on the website AlexMyers.com for the last fourteen years. They pay the yearly dues and have had it sitting idle all this time.  It’s probably going to be the graduation gift to some little Alex nerd out there.

Wait, unless it belongs to my oldest son Alex . . ..


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