Monthly Archives: February 2013

How Many Books Are They Selling?

There is a way to tell how many copies of a book an author is selling  by looking at their Amazon book page.  Why is this important?  Market research? Curiosity?  A tool to help one dream? To Inspire?  Whatever your reason there is a way to tell approximate sales. Here is your Rosetta stone, under […]

Doing Research for a Book

I received this question on the Amazon Sales Page for my book “Time Change Book One: The Jump”. It was under the Forums section near the bottom of the page, “discussions”. “I was wondering how the writer learned to know and research real people who would have loved it that time and place in civil […]

I Love When Reviews Look Like This!

Wow!  What a review for my new book “Time Change Book One the Jump” . . . Time Change – Book One: The Jump, By Alex Myers – A Review Posted: Saturday, February 02, 2013 by Rain Stickland Time Change Book One: The Jump by Alex Myers ASIN: B00B52SOU0 Official Author Bio [Alex Myers is an […]